• Daily 4pm – 8 pm.
  • Reservation at the I´M FIT reception the day before.
  • Payment cash or by card at the time of booking.
  • Club members with sufficient credit or clients with a purchased package can also book by phone.
  • Cancellation and refund or change of date can not be done later than 6 hours before beginning!

Relax Massage


Classic Massage
This massage removes fatigues and improves regeneration. It tightens the skin, removes stiffness and soreness of muscles, and improves blood circulation.

Sports massage
Sports massage is mainly used to remove accumulated fatigue from sports. We recommend it be done once or twice a week. After this massage a short rest is appropriate. Sports massages are used mainly for faster regeneration and decreasing fatigue. Its effect is also injury prevention, improving muscle regeneration and muscle flexibility.

Chocolate Massage
The beneficial effect of the massage is that the cocoa in chocolate contains antioxidants that counteract aging. Within minutes your skin gets rid of wrinkles, and scaly or dry skin. It enriches the skin with minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Chocolate replenishes skin elasticity and helps reduce stretch marks.
The massage is great for smoothing and beautifying the skin, reducing cellulite, improving mood, flushing away toxins and relaxing stiff muscles. Chocolate massage is one of the most relaxing, most sensitive (and perhaps most sensual) massages.

Honey massage
It is an old and proven healing detox method, which uses the excellent effects of honey (especially detoxification) and compression massage touches. This helps get rid of toxins- ie „poisons“ for the body. Honey massage can remove these substances not only from the surface of cells, but also from the depth of body tissues, for example in the vicinity of the spine, where they settle throughout our lives. Toxins cause weakening of the body, which can result in various diseases. It is a back and neck massage. It improves the condition and feel of the skin in the massaged areas, it warms and tones. Honey massage allows for a so-called pumping, which unlike a regular massage, helps release the toxins from the body. Furthermore, by stimulating the reflex zones it is possible to positively influence the organs in the body. It also helps to boost the whole organism. It is helps relieve exhaustion and weakness due to stress and tension, nervous disorders, and restlessness.

Hot Stone Massage
It can relieve the body of chronic fatigue and recharge it with new energy. The massage is very intense, absolutely painless and relaxing. During the massage you will feel a deep sense of calm and balance that will last for several days. The massage induces deep relaxation and improves sleep.

Bulb Massage


TUI-NA – Chinese Massage
It belongs to one of the five pillars of Chinese medicine, although in our country it is still a lesser known treatment method. Tuina massage works with a system of acupuncture points and pathways and positively affects the skin and stiff points of muscle tissue. That is why many compare its effects with acupuncture itself.
The specialty of Tuina massage, which translates as ‘push and grip’, is that it is done through the fabric. The patient is massaged while lying or sitting. The massage may or may not be done through a bed sheet. The advantage of massage with a sheet is respecting client’s intimacy, the possibility of better pressure a better muscle grip. On the other hand, the advantage of massage, when we do not use the sheet, is the healing effect of massage oils and a more intense massage experience thanks to direct contact of the therapist and the client.

Special massages / Jan Klimes – therapist

Dorn’s method
With active participation of the client, the joints of the limbs and the spinal system are restored to the correct and natural position, causing the spinal nerves to stop being improperly stimulated or irritated by off-set vertebrae, and secondarily improving or eliminating many persistent health problems. The method and its effect are very comprehensive, and the client is able to acquire simple ways of self-adjustment to eliminate the source of their problems.

Bowen pressure massage
Specific massage of connective tissue and muscles, which stimulates nerve receptors in specific areas of the body. This „signal“ is received by the brain which then responds in adjusting processes throughout the body. This provides for a gentle and effective correction of specific problems, including improvement of mental state and of chronic fatigue. Its great advantage is that it only has one contraindication, which is any untreated cancer. It is also one of the few methods perfectly suited to pregnant women, of which the therapist should be informed in advance.

Craniosacral therapy
This therapy relieves a wide range of mental and physical problems by complexly balancing the rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid, which spreads throughout the body and its smooth flow is very important for all functions of our organism. This therapy removes calcified or membrane blocks in its rhythm originating from as early as the prenatal stage of our lives.


Every day, only one of our masseurs is available, alternating on schedule.



Price list

25 min 55 min 85 min
Classic massage 350 CZK 700 CZK 1050 CZK
Sports massage 350 CZK 700 CZK 1050 CZK
Relax massage 350 CZK 700 CZK 1050 CZK
Massage package (classic, sports, relax)
Massage package 3/ 60 minut 610 CZK / 60 minut 1830 CZK
Massage package 5/ 60 minut 550 CZK / 60 minut 2750 CZK

*Packages are valid for 6 month from purchase

Special massages
55 min 85 min
Hot Stone massage 800 CZK
Baňková masáž 800 CZK
Honey, chocolate massage 800 CZK 1200 CZK
Manual lymphatic 800 CZK 1200 CZK
TUI-NA – Chinese massage 800 CZK
Dorn’s method 700 CZK
Bowen pressure massage 700 CZK 1050 CZK
Craniosacral therapy 1490 CZK


  • Daily 4pm – 8 pm.
  • Reservation at the I´M FIT reception the day before.
  • Payment cash or by card at the time of booking.
  • Club members with sufficient credit or clients with a purchased package can also book by phone.
  • Cancellation and refund or change of date can not be done later than 6 hours before beginning!


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